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Mister Moon: Where Do You Go?

Have you ever wondered where Mister Moon might go when we can’t see him in the night sky about once every month?

This whimsical children’s bedtime adventure story with a dash of science. Where does Mister Moon do when he leaves his post in the sky…or does he leave at all?

“Mister Moon: Where Do You Go?” is the debut publication of author Schinthia Islam and illustrator Juan Alcazar. Read More…

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Schinthia Islam

Meet the Author

I’m super excited about my first children’s book! After having read many beautiful books with my two little ones, I wanted to write one of my own and feel grateful for the opportunity to do so at this point in my life. I grew up in Nevada but now live in the Sacramento, California area with my husband and two children. Mister Moon was born out of a simple conversation with the night sky, wondering why it was so dark on New Moon and thinking about how a child might interpret what’s happening that night. With the amazing illustrations by Juan Alcazar, the encouragement of my husband and two little ones, and the wonderful support of friends, Mister Moon has embarked on a colorful literary journey as we work on the upcoming books in the Mister Moon Series.

Photography by Mark Talavera

Juan Alcazar

Meet the Illustrator

I am thrilled to help bring Mister Moon to life through illustration! When Schinthia presented her story concept to me, I knew I had the opportunity to be a part of something incredible. As an artist, the combination of whimsy and science provided a limitless canvas in which to create Mister Moon’s many adventures. Growing up in south Texas, I remember reading through my dad’s encyclopedia collection and drawing as many of the pictures as I could from it, effectively igniting a life long interest in visual art and natural science. (Shout out to NASA and NASA Hubble for their catalog of inspiring material!) I currently live in Austin, Texas with my wife and two kids. I hope that this book inspires curiosity in children and parents alike.

Photography by Justin Vasquez

Picture of illustrator

What people say about Mister Moon

Learn More About Why We Can't See Mister Moon Once A Month

Once every 29.5 days, Mister Moon circles around the Earth, changing phases along the way.  When Mister Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, all the sunlight is on the other side called the Far Side, so it looks like Mister Moon disappears! This is called “New Moon”. As Mister Moon travels to the other side of the Earth, the moonlight we see grows (or waxes) into the Full Moon phase. Then the moonlight gets smaller (or wanes) until it’s back to the New Moon phase, and the cycle begins again.

Have you seen Mister Moon tonight?

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